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    Myprotein Suomi

    The Healthiest Old Person on the Planet Explains How to Stay in Shape

    Charles Eugster is the greatest British sprinter you've probably never heard of. He currently holds world records in the 200m (indoor) and 400m (outdoor) sprints, as well as British records in the 60m (indoor), 100m (outdoor), and 200m (outdoor). A couple of weeks ago, he narrowly missed out on the world record for the 60m sprint after pulling his hamstring halfway through. He still won the race to become European Champion. It's an impressive record, given that the man—by pretty well established standards—shouldn't be able to cross a road without help, let alone run. He is 96 years old.
    What do you eat to stay in shape?
    Variety is key. I start every day with a protein shake because, as you get older, your protein synthesis no longer functions as well. I avoid sugar and eat lots of meat, especially fat. I've been on a fat trip lately. Fat! Piles of fat. Yet, I was in a supermarket the other day and was perplexed to find yogurt with zero fat. What on earth is that? The idea of the nutrition pyramid where, at the top, is a little fat and meat, and at the bottom a lot of carbohydrates, is, excuse me, bullshit. Humans are so unbelievably stupid that we have begun to tinker with food. Our theories of nutrition have resulted in a pandemic of obesity. Can you imagine a hunter-gatherer enjoying a low-fat yogurt? Let me tell you this, too: I read a report recently which said that a fatty diet also increases your libido.
    Shakes are for fakes, eat steaks -Stan Efferding

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    Liikunta aktivoi myös mtoria. Eli kannataako myös treenaaminen lopettaa? Ei todellakaan

    Insuliini taas lisää mtror pulssin kestoi merkittävästi. -Paul Saladino - fat fuelede family podcastissa puhui tosta.

    Mitä jos katsotaan suoraa ihmisiä, jotka on syöny pelkästään lihaproteiinia yli 20 vuotta. Mun mielestä se merkkaa enemmän kuin joku hiirikokeilla luotu hypoteesi.

    Onko se liha mikä on pitänyt heidät nuorekkaan näköisenä vai abode ?